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ML Infomap focuses on solving the problem of supplying robust map data for India, so that analysts and cartographers need not spend time developing them. We build and update our maps with great care and document them to be instantly usable by clients.To make the intrinsic worth of map data ubiquitously accessible, ML Infomap offers IT solutions with spatial components to different industry verticals. These include logistics, defence, telecom, mobility, research and NGO sectors. It designs, builds and deploys enterprise solutions. It also hosts and maintains them to ensure continued use.

Today, ML Infomap boasts of a strong team of software/GIS professionals with high levels of academic distinction and research experience. It draws on the abilities and knowledge of its geographers, computer programmers, engineers, specialists in satellite image processing and GIS to understand client requirements and deliver dependable solutions. The company has continually upgraded the skill sets of its employees to adopt new technologies and to respond to the changing requirements of the market.The company also has a panel of experts on whose services it can call upon as and when required in the engineering field survey, aerial survey and systems integration.


Dr. Manosi Lahiri, Founder: “As we celebrate twenty-five years of our company, I remember that we started in a room above a garage, simply with a belief that the new GIS technology held huge promise. I thank our many clients and well-wishers for reaffirming our belief and making it possible for us to reach this far. I anticipate more possibilities in the use of geospatial information in future.”

Dr. Atul Kapoor, General Manager: “I have been with the company from its inception in 1993 and have been involved in all aspects of its growth. Over the last twenty-five years, we have provided digital maps and GIS solutions to a great variety of large and small businesses. From being a very specialized technology, GIS is now embedded in many IT solutions. So I see its benefits spreading further.”

Aditya Sareen, Technical Manager: “I am with the company for over two decades and have translated the company’s policy of adoption of new technologies, working on multiple platforms, serving several verticals. We have moved from being a pure GIS company to a robust multifaceted IT company with a focus on geospatial.”

Jitender Mohan Arya, Senior Executive Digital Maps: “We are the leaders in supplying reliable and current maps of India. For twenty years, I have been engrossed in developing, updating, organizing and maintaining map databases. Keeping our map data fresh is my priority.”

Saswati Pandit - Senior GIS Executive: “I am responsible for managing teams that are executing projects, ensuring that they best utlilise analytical, mapping and reporting tools suitable for individual enterprises and fulfilling project objectives.”

Anil Kumar Rathore, Senior GIS Executive: “My focus is on geospatial market development. I document and communicate new product information and explain our service offerings to prospective clients. I am noticing increased interest in GIS by government.”

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